84th klm Nat. Road of Athens-Lamia, 322 00 Thiva +(30) 226 208 2120 contact@plantas.gr

Company History

Phases of development

  • At the end of 1999 Plantas started to produce the crops in an old greenhouse, near the new airport, at the region of Markopoulo, close to Athens.
  • At the beginning of 2002 Plantas started to establish a new greenhouse, which occupies an area of 6.600m2 with a 1.500m2 service building, in Thiva (84th km National Road of Athens-Lamia).
  • At the beginning of 2003 Plantas started to construct a new greenhouse, 6.600m2 and 2.300m2 as tunnel types.
  • At the beginning of 2008 started to construct the last phase, an area of 7.000m2 with a 500m2 service building, witch was completed in 2009.


PLANTAS: Produce and trade of seedings




Plantas S.A.
84th klm Nat. Road of Athens-Lamia,
322 00 Thiva

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